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fredag, maj 05, 2006

Dagens länktips: Grumpy Old Bookman

Jag förstår inte riktigt hur jag har kunnat missa Grumpy Old Bookman tidigare, men nu snubblade jag över den via Salto sobrius. Ta en titt.

First, believe it or not, there are those around who still imagine -- still, after all these years -- that there was once a golden age of publishing, in which highly literate, exquisitely sensitive men and women devoted themselves to the pursuit of great art. And the grateful public bought everything that was offered to them and placed it admiringly in a prominent place in their home. The authors of such deeply impressive volumes were honoured with fame, fortune, and an unlimited supply of admirers of whichever gender took their fancy (and sometimes, extraordinarily enough, that was both of them). And, judging by the comments on Sara Nelson's latest, there are still people on the book scene who imagine that if only we do this and do that, everything can go back the way it was. The old King will be restored to his throne, and the Vulgar Revolution will be o'erthrown.

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Blogger A.R.Yngve sade:

He he!

Ack ja, jag minns den gamla goda tiden i svensk litteratur... När kreti och pleti satt och läste Stig Dagerman på lunchrasterna, när Svenska Akademins ord var lag, och allmogen ofta hade ett altare med Albert Bonniers foto i sin farstu.

Men berätta det för ungdomen nuförti'n, och dom tror en int'!

5/5/06 10:29  

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