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Johan Jönsson

fredag, november 24, 2006


Growl, n.

The murmur of a cross dog.

Webster's Daily serverar en daglig dos ordbokspoesi.

Blink, n.

Blink of ice, is the dazzling whiteness about the horizon, occasioned by the reflection of light from fields of ice at sea.

Med [f]ound poetry from the first edition of Noah Webster's American Dictionary of the English Language (1828). A new definition every day förklarar bloggen sitt syfte.

Voice, n.
vox; voco. The sense of the verb is to throw, to drive out sound; and voice is that which is driven out.]

Sound or audible noise uttered by the mouth, either of human beings or of other animals. We say, the voice of a man is loud or clear; the voice of a woman is soft or musical; the voice of a dog is loud or harsh; the voice of a bird is sweet or melodious. The voice of human beings is articulate; that of beasts, inarticulate. The voices of men are different, and when uttered together, are often dissonant.

Gå dit och njut.

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