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Johan Jönsson

fredag, december 01, 2006


Apropå redaktörer och författare och deras relation, så är det här en modern klassiker jag snubblar över någon gång varje år.

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Blogger TNH sade:

Usually I can at least tell what a post is about, but this one has me stumped. I don't suppose you could give me a hint?

3/12/06 20:30  
Anonymous Johan sade:

This particular post isn't more than a link, really. Freely translated it says:

Talking of editors and writers and their relationship, this is a modern classic I stumble over at some time every year.

It hasn't that much to do with the three linked posts on editors and writers, though. They discuss the role of the editor, if (or rather why) writers and readers need editors, why so many people want to be able to label themselves författare (writer/author), what that does to writers and their situation, et cetera.


3/12/06 21:07  

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